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Where Is Heinz Ketchup Made?

Heinz is perhaps the most widely recognized brand of ketchup. This tomato-based condiment is used liberally throughout the world. In fact, the brand is often recognized as the iconic tomato sauce product and is often used synonymously. But where is it made exactly? Here is all you are going to want to know.

So, where is Heinz Ketchup made? Heinz Ketchup is predominantly made in the United States, Canada, and Europe (the Netherlands). Although they do produce ketchup in factories all over the world. Nevertheless, as an umbrella company and brand under Kraft, the majority of Heinz manufacturing facilities are located in the United States.

Perhaps not so surprising when you consider the markets this global company operates in.

And of course, where the fair share of their sales are made.

But let us now explore those facilities.

And if you are from the UK – you are probably wondering about whether or not it is made there.

Keep reading – you’ll soon find out!

Is Heinz Ketchup Made In The USA?

Heinz Ketchup is made in the USA, at three different manufacturing facilities: one in Fremont, one in Ohio, and another in Muscatine, Iowa.

Heinz used to actually have four ketchup facilities, but the fourth in Leamington, Ontario was shut down in 2014.

Nevertheless, the USA has the highest number of Heinz manufacturing facilities than in any other region (38 as of 2020), although only three of them are focused purely and entirely on this popular tomato-based condiment.

Is Heinz Ketchup Made In The UK?

Heinz Ketchup is not currently made in the UK (at time of writing – January 2022). However, plans are underway to invest and enable the Heinz manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Wigan to start producing the sauce.

In fact, Heinz hasn’t actually made Ketchup in the UK since 1999.

Since then, the popular condiment has been imported from the United States and Netherlands production facilities.

Although this should change with the shift in production, afforded by the investment in the Kitt Green, Orell Heinz manufacturing facility (where they already produce canned and other Heinz products).

Where Do Heinz Source Their Tomatoes From?

Heinz sources its tomatoes from the sunny regions of the United States, including Los Banos, California.

In fact, the tomatoes that go into Heinz Ketchup are actually purposefully bred tomato varieties.

Heinz actually has their own proprietary blend of tomato seeds; which are incredibly red and rich in flavor.

Such seeds are planted in GMO-free and well-cared for soils before being harvested and turned into the paste required for their popular sauce.


Heinz Ketchup is predominantly made in the US. Besides, that is where most Heinz Ketchup is sold and consumed.

That being said, the company does have a large manufacturing facility in the Netherlands and it is expanding into the UK market soon too.

Plans are underway. A huge amount of investment is making this reality.

And then there are facilities in other global regions too.

It’s not much of a surprise really.

While Heinz touts that there is “one traditional recipe”, the truth is, there are variations in this recipe that are tailored to national tastes.

Whether or not this will become apparent from ketchup soon to be made in the UK, well I guess only time will tell.

But until then, perhaps trying some Heinz Ketchup from the Netherlands would be a good place to test!