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What Sauces Does Gourmet Burger Kitchen Have?

You fancy a burger. Well, then it’s going to have to be a GBK isn’t it. But as we know, a burger is only as good as its sauce. So, its crucial to know what sauces Gourmet Burger Kitchen offers, isn’t it. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are all of the options available to you.

So, what sauces does Gourmet Burger Kitchen have? Gourmet Burger Kitchen offers fifteen different house sauces. These are blue cheese mayo, house mayo, chipotle mayo, garlic mayo, harissa mayo, basil pesto, cajun relish, habanero jam, burger sauce, sriracha mayo, house tomato relish, baconnaise, BBQ relish, satay and BBQ bulleit bourbon.

So plenty of choice.

Particularly if you want to customize your burger, or take on of the existing menu items to the next level.

But that leads us to the natural question.

What sauces are included in each menu item, by default?

I.e. what burgers come with what sauces?

Well, let’s find out shall we?

What Sauces Are Included With Meals At Slim Chickens


  • Saganaki – Basil pesto mayo
  • Hei Hei Chicken Tenders – Choice of any of the fifteen house sauces up above.


Garlicslaw – Garlic mayo

Beef Burgers

  • Classic Beef – House mayo and relish,
  • Classic Cheese – House mayo and relish,
  • GBK Cheese & Bacon – BBQ sauce and house mayo,
  • The Taxidriver -Cajun relish and chipotle mayo
  • The Mighty – Garlic mayo and relish
  • Blue Cheese – Onion jam, cajun relish and house mayo,
  • Rocket Man – Hot habanero jam and baconnaise,
  • Loaded – BBQ bulleit bourbon sauce and house mayo,

Chicken Burgers

  • Classic Chicken – House mayo and relish,
  • Hey Pesto – Basil pesto, basil pesto mayo and relish,
  • Korean BBQ Burger – Korean BBQ sauce,
  • Peanut Satay – Satay sauce, garlic mayo and relish,

Vegan Meals

  • Classic Vegan – Vegan mayo and relish,
  • Californian – Relish and harissa mayo,
  • Cluck Free Burger – Relish, burger sauce and vegan mayo,
  • The Beyond – Relish and vegan mayo.

Related Questions

What is in GBK house mayo?

While the exact ingredients of GBK house mayo is unspecified, this sauce does contain eggs and mustard according to the allergen information provided on the website. This sauce is suitable for vegetarians.

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