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What Sauces Does Fuddruckers Have?

Are you eating down for a hamburger at Fuddruckers? Are you wondering what sauces you can order along with it, or have included in your build your own burger? Well, these are all of the options available at Fudds.

So, what sauces does Fuddruckers have? Fuddruckers offers twelve different sauces. These are Heinz Ketchup, Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce, Texas Petal Sauce, Scratch Made Honey Mustard, Dijon Horseradish Sauce, Pump Hot Cheese,
Pump Hot Jalapeno Cheese, Sweet Relish, and Picante Sauce.

That’s enough to get you started with, eh.

And there’s no reason why you cannot stack them and have several, together.

In fact, the menu at Fuddruckers makes this easy to do – particularly if you are ordering online.

There is one thing I do need to note here.

Not all Fudds may have those sauces listed above.

Their menus do seem to differ by location.

So you are going to need to check in with your local Fuddruckers, or even ask them what they do have available.

I’m sorry to say it but that’s just the way it is, I’m afraid.

Nonetheless, for the most part, you should be okay.

And here’s another important point to make.

Some menu items may have other sauces included by default.

For instance, the Silvino’s Ribeye Quesadilla has chipotle mayo included, by default and unless you ask otherwise.

So do monitor the menu closely and again, enquire about what each order comes with.

And alongside the sauces, Fudds offers various dressings too for their salads.

Let us take a quick look at those below.

What Dressings Does Fuddruckers Have?

Fuddruckers offers nine different dressings for their salad menu item. These are Home Made Ranch, Home Made Honey Mustard, Home Made Spicy Ranch, Home Made Lemon Citrus Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar, Bleu Cheese, Russian Dressing, and Italian Dressing.

Do You Have To Pay For Sauces At Fuddruckers?

Sauces generally come free with each menu item order at Fuddruckers; the cost is factored into the meal price. For burgers, you can typically order up to eight sauces, as part of the meal. Beyond this, you may be expected to pay an additional charge.

Ultimately it depends on what Fudds you stop by at and the staff there. They may throw in some additional servings for free, upon request.

Only time and asking will tell.

But the good news is, you can typically order various different sauces to make the combinations you desire.

It’s unlikely you’d want to combine all those eight different sauces together anyway!


Fuddruckers is not short or sauces, as you can see.

And this is great for introducing new flavors to your burgers, mixing them up a little, and perhaps even experimenting with new combinations, too.

But unless you are building a burger from scratch, it’s probably a good idea to ask what sauces are potentially included already, by default.

Not all menu items do, but it’s a worthwhile check.

Besides, you don’t want to ruin your meal by not asking one simple question.

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