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What Sauces Does Chipotle Have?

Are you planning on visiting Chipotle for a spot of Mexican? Wondering what sauces they offer alongside their signature Burrito, Taco, or Bowl dishes? Well, you have a few different options…

So, what sauces does chipotle have? Chipotle offers three different main sauces, (or salsas): Fresh Tomato Salsa, Tomatillo Green Chilli, and Tomatillo Red Chilli. They also offer three additional sauce-like dips: Sour Cream, Guacamole, and Queso Blanco to order with your food. Tobasco is often found on restaurant tables for use too.

Not a massive choice, but these really are the best pairings for Mexican dishes.

Now, I know what you are thinking. The first three there. They are salsas.

Well, did you know that salsa literally translates as “sauce” in Spanish – the native language of Mexico?

And while this word can mean any type of sauce, theoretically, in Mexico it’s largely associated with those that are made of chunky tomato and chili.

This is a Mexican-inspired restaurant, after all.

Next up, you are probably wondering what Tomatillo is?

So let us quickly look at that too!


What Is Tomatillo Salsa At Chipotles?

Tomatillo simply refers to the type of tomato used. Tomatillos are tart, fruity and slightly herby in flavor. They are also known as the Mexican Husk tomato.

And at chipotle, these tomatoes are flame-roasted to give them a smoky depth.

They are then added to each salsa.

For your reference,

The tomatillo green chili salsa is mild, whereas the tomatillo red chili salsa is spicy.


Chipotle is not a restaurant for fancy sauces.

In fact, the menu is very limited; you are mostly looking at a mild or hot salsa.

From there, if you are dining in a Chipotle, you will likely find Tobasco on the table for use too.

Sometimes you’ll find the green Tobasco sauce too, at other times it will just be the regular version.

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