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What Sauce Goes With Calamari? ⋆ You Have To Try These ⋆

Do you love Calamari? I’m not surprised; I do too! But to really get the most out of this seafood classic you are going to want a sauce. Which one though? Well, these are some of the best to consider and that I would personally recommend.

So, what sauce goes with calamari? Mayonaisse and mayonnaise-based sauces and variations like tartar, aioli (garlic mayonaiise), kewpie, or sriracha mayo go particularly well with calamari. Other great options include marinara sauce, sweet chili, cocktail sauce, or even tzatziki.

Plenty to start out with.

All of which are great sauces; not just for calamari but for other dipping foods too.

Now, depending on your preferences will largely determine what you opt for here.

Do you like spicy food?

If so, a spicy variation of mayo or even a spicy sauce altogether can work well.

Personally, I don’t even mind using a hot sauce with calamari on its own!

I’m talking about drizzling sriracha over the top.

Besides, I could eat that all day.

But that’s just me; that may be too much.

Or not what you are into.

Otherwise, your best bet is a creamy mayonnaise-based condiment.

And if you don’t like mayo, then do consider a sweet chili sauce. That’s another popularly paired duo!

What Is Calamari Served With?

Calamari is typically served plain, with salt and lemon on the side. That being said, some restaurants will also provide a condiment, typically a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce (such aioli) on the side too.

The long version is that a lot depends on where you are in the world.

Calamari does mean “squid” in Italian and Spanish, and it is not necessarily always necessarily fried.

While in the United States and Korea it is commonly done so, in Italy this particular seafood is often used in paella, risotto, and pasta (unfried, of course).

And then in Portugal, it is often added to kebabs with bell peppers and onions too.

In much of Asia, it is usually grilled, or added to stir-fry, rice, and noodle dishes.

So, ultimately, what this seafood is served with does where you are in the world and what you are ordering!


For the most part, a creamy, tomato-based, or spicy sauce is going to be best served with calamari.

That being said, in reality, a lot of sauces could potentially work.

The trick is to find what you enjoy.

So, be willing to experiment.

Even if it does sound a little odd or may not be what others would try.

In fact, one of the best things you can do is make a sauce at home yourself with your favorite ingredients.

Sure you can purchase store-bought sauces, but many sauce recipes are easy to make and follow.

Starting with a base of mayonnaise, and then add herbs and spices accordingly. If you like spicy foods, throw in some hot sauce too.

Or, you could work from a base of ketchup for a tomato-based sauce.

Find some recipes online and get tasting!

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