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What Is Waffle House Sauce?

Stopping by at Waffle House and want to know about their formally popular Waffle House sauce. Well, I’m afraid, I’ve got some bad news for you.

So, what is Waffle house sauce? Waffle House sauce is a discontinued sauce that you had to ask for at Waffle House; it was never included on the menu. It was made by Heinz and had a tangy, smoky, creamy chipotle flavor to it.

But you can no longer get your hands on it.

Sucks right.

And it’s a shame as it was a popular sauce during its brief stint of being available.

Besides, there are a lot of upset customers out there who long miss this condiment that was ideal for saltier foods such as bacon, or a chicken sandwich.

But thankfully. I have some good news for you.

There is something else you can get that is quite similar; as we shall now see below.

Waffle House Sauce Alternatives

Your two best alternatives for Waffle House sauce include Kraft Ailo Chopitole and Just Chipotle Mayo. Both of which are available in most of the larger grocery stores and online.

In fact, perhaps the best place to get them is from Amazon.

Here is the Kraft Ailo Chipotle sauce product page on Amazon.

It’s one of those sauces that you just put on everything.

Then there is the Just Chipotle Mayo which is another great alternative.

Here is the Just products product page on Amazon.

Either is an excellent alternative and provides similar flavors to what you could have formally had at Waffle House.


So there you have it, some bad news and some good news.

While you won’t be getting your hands on the authentic original, thankfully there are alternatives out there that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.