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What Is WaBa Sauce?

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If you’re stopping by for a meal at WaBa Grill, you might have noticed the WaBa sauce on the menu. But what is it exactly and what can you expect should you decide to try some. Besides, it comes included automatically with many menu items. So, let’s find out!

So, what is WaBa sauce? WaBa sauce is a sweet-tasting dark-colored condiment that you can get either mild or spicy. Either way, it has quite a deep, smokey flavor and tends to pair well with savory dishes along with meats, such as grilled chicken and rib-eye steak.

This really is a good sauce.

So much so that I actually saw countless tweets on Twitter of customers stating how much they love it.

Addicted even.

It’s no surprise really.

This is one of WaBa Grills’s signature sauces, after all.

And it’s the first one on the list when it comes to adding a sauce to your order.

But what is it made from?

Let’s find out!

What Is WaBa Sauce Made From?

WaBa sauce is made from a blend of fruits, spices, sugar, and salt along with other herbs and seasonings. It also contains soy and wheat.

That being said the exact ingredient list is unknown; it’s a secret recipe that is not publically shared or available.

In fact, I actually reached out to WaBa grill to ask specifically for the ingredients.

Here was my response:

WaBa Sauce Ingredients

That being said, WaBa Grill does provide the nutritional information to give us a clue as to what to expect:

Waba Sauce Nutrition

Original Waba Sauce

– of which sugars12
Cholesterol 0g
Per 1 oz serving

Spicy Waba Sauce

– of which sugars10g
Cholesterol 0g
Per 1 oz serving

What Does WaBa Sauce Taste Like?

WaBa sauce is sweet and savory in flavor. It is also mild, or somewhat spicy too, depending on what version of the sauce you get.

Either way, WaBa sauce is designed to balance out the flavor of any WaBa Grill dish.

What To Eat WaBa Sauce With

WaBa sauce can be eaten with almost all of the classic menu items, pretty much all of the WaBa bowls and plates in their variations.

In fact, some of the menu items are even cooked in the sauce.

For instance, in the WaBa chicken and steak bowl, the steak is hand-basted in the sauce prior to cooking.

Nevertheless, you can order additional sauce, if required. Although each sauce will cost you around $0.30 (At least if you are ordering online!)


WaBa sauce – the sweet dark versatile signature sauce that this popular grill has become admired for.

So do give it a try.

At the very least order it as a side. That way you can only use a small amount and see if you like it.

And if you’re feeling brave – give the spicy version a go too.

It’s not overly spicy, but it certainly has a kick!

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