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What Is Truffalo Sauce?

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Eating at a Buffalo Wild Wings and noticed the new Truffalo sauce on the menu? Wondering what it is before you order? Well, here is what you need to know.

So, what is Truffalo sauce? Truffalo sauce is a promotional sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings. It is essentially a buffalo sauce variation, combining its heat with the natural earthy flavors of truffles. This sauce is only going to be on the menu for a limited period.

It’s just one of Buffalo Wild Wings do; expand their already extensive offering of wing flavors.

And this one is a good one.

But what is the sauce made from and what does it taste like?

Let’s find out!

What Is Truffalo Sauce Made From?

Truffalo sauce is made from a combination of buffalo sauce and white truffles.

Here is what Jamie Carawan, the Vice President of Brand Menu and Culinary of Buffalo Wild Wings had to say upon its release:

“Truffalo sauce is somewhat of a departure from many of our menu items in that we are exploring a more niche or specialized ingredient considered ‘high end’ or extravagant. People who love truffles understand how special they are and the unique flavor and personality they bring. We think truffle lovers will come in for this affordable luxury and really enjoy it.”

What Does Truffalo Sauce Taste Like?

Truffalo sauce is tangy, spicy, and even has a slight touch of sweetness.

The buffalo sauce provides the heat, which is like a variation of hot sauce.

The truffles provide a slight garlicky flavor, similar to shallots and with a deep musky aroma, earthiness, and somewhat umami flavor.

Truffles are naturally quite strong and aromatic.

Combine these two together and you can see why this sauce is turning a lot of heads!

What To Eat Truffalo Sauce With

Truffalo sauce is best paired with traditional, boneless, or cauliflower wings, but it’s great when used as a dipping sauce for tenders and fries too.

In fact, this sauce is a great addition to most burgers, sandwiches and wraps on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu too.

It’s a sauce that really can be tried with anything; well at least where you want to introduce its uniquely intense flavor.

Buffalo Wild Wings Truffalo Sauce DIY Recipe

This sauce is not going to be around for long. It is a promotional sauce, after all. So here is a quick simple recipe that you can follow to make some at home.

That way, when it is time to say goodbye to truffalo sauce, you can still savour and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

And, all you need is two ingredients: a Buffalo sauce and some Truffle oil.

You can find buffalo sauce in most grocery stores, or even online on sites like Amazon.

The same can be said for truffle oil; here is the one I’d buy from Amazon.

From there, simply mix 8 parts buffalo sauce with one part truffle oil in a small bowl. Whisk and combine evenly together.

You can always add more truffle oil to balance the buffalo sauce depending on your preferences, but do consider truffalo is strong and can quickly become overpowering.

So start with a little and increase slowly.


Truffalo sauce really is a luxurious addition to the Buffalo Wild Wing menu.

It also is a welcome addition.

Problem is.

It’s not going to be around forever – it is a limited edition sauce, so do give it a try while you can.

Besides, it is formulated with premium ingredients.

But it’s a great way to treat yourself.

Just expect to pay a $1 upcharge.

That’s what you need to do to experience the quality.

But if you love buffalo sauce and its many variations – you just have to try it.

Trust me.

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