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What Is Smash Sauce?

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The burgers are Smashburger are something else. And it’s undoubtedly the sauce that really sets them apart. But what is this smash sauce? What ingredients are in there, what does it taste like and how do you make your own? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

So, what is Smash sauce? Smash sauce is a blend of mayonnaise, french mustard, chopped dill pickles (or pickle relish), and lemon juice. The quantity of each ingredient has a big impact on its resulting taste, and some experimentation of proportion is required to get the authentic taste of this crowd-pleasing sauce.

Sounds delicious right?

And it really is!

And while it sounds like a secret recipe, there is nothing particularly challenging to get nor is there a never-ending list of ingredients that make it up.

Nevertheless, it’s the quantities of each ingredient that counts here.

Here is my famous Smashburger sauce recipe

What Does Smash Sauce Taste Like?

Smash sauce tastes similar to burger sauce. It’s relatively creamy (from the mayonnaise) but it has a bit of a kick from the mustard, pickles, and lemon juice.


Smash sauce is certainly a winner.

No wonder why it’s a staple in pretty much every Smashburger on the menu.

And thankfully, it’s very easy to make at home yourself.

And while I would wholeheartedly recommend French Mustard (from the French brand specifically), there is no reason why you cannot experiment with different mustard options.

Find what you like, and give it all a try.

On different occasions, of course.

Or perhaps not if you are feeling particularly adventurous.

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