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How To Make Soy Sauce Less Salty ⋆ The Instant, Simple Fix ⋆

Have you noticed that your soy sauce is just too salty? It’s too overpowering and not as appetizing as you’d have liked. Well, not to worry. I am about to share with you an instant fix to save your sauce, and your meal, from that extreme savouriness.

So, how do you make soy sauce less salty? The best way to reduce the saltiness of a soy sauce is to dilute it with water. You don’t need much water, and you should add it slowly to reach the flavor you desire. It is recommended that you do this in a separate dish, to safeguard the entire bottle. Alternatively, adding a little sugar can introduce sweetness to counteract the salt.

So you have two main options here.

Both of which can be useful and serve a purpose.

But it does ultimately depend on what you are looking to serve, and your preferences too.

For instance, while adding sugar can offset the savory; this may not always be desired.

It does alter the flavor a little, and this may upset the balance of your dish.

This is why dilution is the recommended approach first and foremost.

My dilution guide explains how to do so.

But let’s be honest – it’s incredibly simple. You only need plain ‘ol tap water to do so.

So it’s the cheaper and easier option too.

And I know it may sound overly simple, but don’t forget that the primary ingredient of soy sauce is in fact water.

So you are literally just reducing the concentration of the salt by doing this.

And guess what; that is exactly the process involved with ‘lower salt’ or ‘reduced salt’ soy sauce brands and products.

Which is an alternative by the way.

In fact, all the major brands realized that soy sauce is naturally very salty.

The fermentation process does require a lot of salt, to be fair.

Nevertheless, the big brands created “lighter” versions to suit all palates.

For instance, you can see the reduced salt version of Kikkoman’s popular product here on Amazon.

Perhaps buy some and try for yourself.

It saves the effort of dilution, at least!