Where To Buy Red Boat Fish Sauce » All Of Your Options

Looking to buy some Red Boat Fish sauce but not sure where to find it? Well, I’ve spent some time researching the options and will be sharing with you the best places here today.

So, where can you buy Red Boat fish sauce? You can buy Red Boat fish sauce from most large grocery store chains, such as Walmart, from the Red Boat website directly, or even from Amazon. Small, independent specialty food stores may also stock this sauce.

I can see why you want to buy the Red Boat brand specifically.

This really is the best fish sauce out there.

Well, that’s my opinion and those of hundreds of others.

In fact, if you look at the reviews on the Amazon product page you’ll soon see for yourself.

And thankfully, a lot of retailers stock this fish sauce – so it shouldn’t be challenging to find!

How Much Does Red Boat Fish Sauce Cost?

Red Boat fish sauce will cost you anywhere from $4.50-$20 per bottle depending on where you buy it from, the size of the bottle, and how many you are buying at any one time.

Generally, you’ll get the best deal if you buy this sauce in bulk.

You’ll often find it for sale in either 2 packs, or as a case of 6.


There’s a lot of reason to love Red Boat fish sauce.

It is naturally protein-rich – has no MSG or preservatives, and is sustainably sourced.

And then there is the fact it tastes so good and is extremely versatile too.

You can add it to other sauces and marinades, or include it in soups, broths, stocks, or to your rice and stir fry!

It just makes buying it in bulk so appealing.

So whether you pick up an individual bottle at the grocery store, or opt to buy a case or two online on Amazon or via the brand’s website directly, you shouldn’t have too much of a challenge!

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