Where To Buy Mole Sauce

Are you after some Mole sauce but not sure where you can buy it? What stocks this spicy, smoky, and earthy-sweet Mexican condiment? Here are the places you should try.

So, where can you buy Mole sauce? Mole sauce is sold at most of the larger grocery and supermarket chains, including Walmart and Kroger. It is also widely available at most Mexican markets and stores, along with various online specialty outlets online, including the likes of Amazon.

This traditional Mexican sauce and marinade shouldn’t be too difficult to acquire.

That being said, it really does depend on the version, or brand, that you are looking for.

That’s when it can get a little more tricky.

So with this in mind, let us run through some things you are going to want to know about getting your hands on this particular hot condiment.

Can You Buy Mole Sauce In The Store?

You can buy ready-to-serve, paste, and seasoning mole sauces at most of the larger grocery stores.

Although, it really does depend on what you are looking for specifically – there are a lot of variations of this sauce, mole negro, mole rojo, mole verde – all are just some examples.

Now the truth is not all stores are going to sell all varieties.

So if you are looking for something very particular – perhaps a particular variety and a particular brand, then chances are you are going to need to buy it online.

Otherwise, your Walmart, Krogers, and Meijer’s should stock the most popular brands and products.

Best Places To Buy Mole Sauce

The best places to buy Mole sauce are usually from Mexican Markets or online retailers; that way you can compare brands, prices, and variations.

For instance, if you take a look over at Meijer, you will see they only offer 2 mole sauce products, at the time of writing.

Amazon on the other hand, has considerably more.

In fact, several pages worth of options.

And that gives you choice.

And it enables you to quickly compare brands, ingredients, prices and find the one that is going to be right, and best for you.

Besides, it depends on what you are cooking, your personal preferences, and what you need the sauce for, to begin with.

Other than Amazon, you’ll likely be better off at visiting a Mexican Market specifically or even an online Mexican specialty store, like mexgrocer.com as one such example.

How Much Does Mole Sauce Cost?

You can expect Mole sauce to cost anywhere between $2-$20; it depends on the brand, the size, how many you decide to buy, and where you do decide to get it from.

Besides, once you find a good retailer, you might decide to buy quite a few at a time.

Saves the hassle, right?

Or you may opt for a paste that may cost a little more to buy upfront, but that you can reuse again lowering the cost in the long term.

Then you have to consider promotional offers too.

And then there could be delivery to consider or the fact that some stores generally charge more.

Nevertheless, your average brand and carton/jar of mole sauce should cost around $2-$3.

Where Can You Find Mole Sauce In The Grocery Store?

Assuming the grocery store does sell mole sauce, it will likely be kept in the Mexican or International food aisle.

Otherwise, it may be found in the Mexican section of the condiments aisle.

In the case of independent Mexican markets; well in all honesty – it could be kept anywhere.

That’s where shopping online really helps.

But if you are looking to buy from a store, perhaps the best thing you can do is stop and ask someone.

Saves the hassle, at least.


If you’re looking for Mole sauce, thankfully you have options.

Or you could always make it yourself; there is always that.

Besides, you only really need a few ingredients. A cooking oil, a few select veggies (onion, garlic, and jalapeño) a few spices (chili powder, cinnamon, cumin, and oregano), flour, vegetable/chicken stock, tomato paste, and sea salt.

For your typical recipe at least.

But if you don’t like cooking from scratch, your best bet is either one of the larger grocery stores, a Mexican market, or online.

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Does Walmart Sell Mole Sauce?

Walmart does sell various brands and variations of Mole sauce, including Dona Maria, Rogelio Bueno, and El Mexicano.