What Is Vegan Mayo Made Of?

Are you interested in buying, or switching over to Vegan Mayo? Are you wondering what is made of before you do? Perhaps you want to check for allergens, maybe you just want to know what you could be putting in your body. Either way, here is what you can expect.

So, what is Vegan mayo made of? Vegan mayo is typically made of vegetable oil (often rapeseed oil), water, spirit vinegar, sugar salt, lemon juice, and natural flavorings. Although, the exact ingredient list will differ by brand, along with the quantities and ratios of each ingredient.

Just as is the case with regular mayo, the full ingredient list of a Vegan Mayo is going to range.

So to know for sure, its best to check in with the brand or manufacturer.

The easiest way is to of course check nutrition labels found on the side of the jar/bottle.

Otherwise, you can always look online or contact the manufacturer directly for further information.

That’s never a bad idea, actually.

Especially if you have allergies or want to know more information on where they source their ingredients.

Let us now explore that all-important question before moving on to the big brands of vegan mayo and what their versions are made of.

Does Vegan Mayo Have Eggs In It?

Vegan mayo does not have eggs in it. In fact, it is the exclusion of this ingredient that often makes it a vegan-friendly option.

Now, it is actually eggs that are imperative to creating the emulsion, consistency, and texture of mayonnaise.

So, vegan mayonnaise brands have had to carefully work with plant proteins and other ingredients to ensure their mayos blend together, and you get that light creamy consistency mayo is so good for.

Is Vegan Mayo Prrocessed?

Vegan mayo is a processed food; it is made mostly from refined vegetable oil (rapeseed oil). At the same time, the other ingredients found in pretty much all brands include modified food starch, sugar, salt, and an isolated plant protein (like soy protein or pea protein). All of which are processed ingredients, and not whole foods.

Just consider that regular mayonnaise, and many other sauces and condiments are processed foods too.

In fact, any food that has been manipulated or altered in its raw state in some way is considered processed.

For instance, even cooking food, could be considered processed in the true sense of the word.

Essentially processed food is any whole food that has been altered in some way.

Of course, the level of processing has a large influence on whether or not a food is considered healthy, or not.

What Is Hellman’s Vegan Mayo Made Of?

Hellman’s Vegan mayo is made of rapeseed oil (72%), water, spirit vinegar, sugar, salt, modified maize starch, natural flavoring (contains MUSTARD), lemon juice concentrate, antioxidant (calcium disodium EDTA), and color (paprika extract).

Although, Hellman’s has introduced a number of options and varieties.

So the ingredient lists do differ, even if they are based on the fundamental base ingredients (namely rapeseed oil, water, and vinegar).

I will now list the full ingredient list for each one below:

Hellmann’s Garlic Vegan Mayonnaise

Hellmann’s Garlic Vegan Mayonnaise is made of rapeseed oil (72%), water, spirit vinegar, garlic (4.4%), sugar, salt, modified corn starch, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavouring (contains MUSTARD) and antioxidant (calcium disodium EDTA).

Hellmann’s Chipotle Vegan Mayonnaise

Hellmann’s Chipotle Vegan Mayonnaise is made of rapeseed oil (72%), water, spirit vinegar, chipotle chilli (4.2%), sugar, modified corn starch, salt, tomato puree, onions, spices, natural flavouring (contains MUSTARD), lemon juice concentrate and antioxidant (calcium disodium EDTA).

Hellmann’s Vegan Baconnaise Mayonnaise

Hellmann’s Vegan Baconnaise Mayonnaise is made of rapeseed oil (72%), water, spirit vinegar, sugar, smoked dextrose (dextrose, smoke), salt, modified corn starch, spices, natural flavorings (contain MUSTARD), lemon juice concentrate, and antioxidant (calcium disodium EDTA).

What Is Heinz Vegan Mayo Made Of?

Heinz Vegan Mayo is made of rapeseed oil (72%), water, spirit vinegar, sugar. salt, modified starch, natural flavoring, and antioxidant (Calcium Disodium EDTA).

Vegan Mayo Nutrition

Follow Your Heart Vegenaise Hellman’s Vegan MayoHeinz Vegan MayoPlant Perfect, Vegan MayoChosen Foods Vegan Mayo
Fat (g)911101010
– of which saturates (g)
Carbohydrates (g) 00.60.310
– of which sugars (g) 00.50.200
Fibre (g) 0<0.5<0.100
Protein (g)0<0.5<0.100
Salt (g)
Per Serving, 1 TBSP

Related Questions

Is Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo Dairy Free?

Hellmann’s Vegan mayo is entirely dairy-free. It is for this reason, along with the substitution of eggs, that it can be labeled vegan-friendly.