What Is A Good Sauce To Put On Perogies? ⋆ 22 Delicious Options ⋆

Are you looking for a sauce for your perogies? Wondering what pairs nicely with these filled doughy dumplings? Well, thankfully you have options. And here they are…

So, what is a good sauce to put on Perogies? A good sauce for perogies compliments the filling; therefore it could be savory, or sweet. Some of the best savory options include sour cream, mushroom sauce, or cheese sauce. Some of the best sweet sauces include a chocolate sauce or a fruit sauce/syrup or jam.

I say some of; the list above is not exhaustive.

We’ll be getting into some other options to try shortly.

Nevertheless, what is absolutely necessary is to get your flavor combinations right.

And you do that by matching the filling to the sauce.

But how are these dumplings traditionally served?

Let’s find out before moving on to your options!

How Are Perogies Traditionally Served?

Perogies are traditionally served alone. That is, with no sauce. Often, they will also be served with fried onions, fried bacon, mushrooms, and melted butter, too. Sometimes sour cream may be provided – typically on the side.

Again, it mostly depends on the filling.

But just because they are traditionally served in this way does not necessarily mean you cannot introduce a sauce.

In fact, many do; and a sauce can really amplify the flavors and textures.

Just be careful if you do.

These dumplings are quite delicate and can be ruined by too much sauce.

So go easy on the sauce, to begin with, or better yet, serve the sauce in a separate dish.

That way, your perogies shouldn’t go slimy or soggy!

Savory Sauces For Perogies

Below, you will find some of the best sauces for savory-filled perogies.

  • Sour Cream Sauce,
  • Mushroom Sauce,
  • Cheese Sauce (Paramegiano or Blue Cheese),
  • Caramalized Onion Sauce,
  • Tomato Sauce (including Marinara),
  • Red Wine Sauce,
  • Barbecue Sauce,
  • Hot Sauce,
  • Ranch Sauce,
  • Buffalo Sauce,
  • Ponzu Sauce
  • Romesco Sauce

These are the sauces to potentially pair with your perogies filled with potato, onion, cheese, cabbage, meat, mushroom, spinach, or the like:

Oh, and don’t forget to melt some butter on top!

Sweet Sauces For Perogies

Below, you will find some of the best sauces for savory-filled perogies:

  • Sweetened Cream,
  • Chocolate Sauce,
  • Fruit Sauces,
  • Fruit Coulis
  • Syrups (e.g. Maple)
  • Honey,
  • Custard,
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Toffee Sauce
  • Brandy Sauce,

These are the sauces to potentially pair with your perogies filled with fresh fruit, such as cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, plums, prunes, or jam.


There is not one good sauce for perogies; there are dozens.

In fact, the best sauces are matched to the filling.

And your personal preferences of course.

Just be sure to serve the sauce on the side, or in a separate dish.

Use it as a dipping sauce.

That way you will protect your perogies from going soggy and you will also ensure you get the taste combinations right.

But do try out the various different recommendations above.

You may be surprised at what one you like most.

And that really is the joy of these dumplings; they can be eaten in so many different ways – there’s always something different to try!