What Does Kewpie Mayo Taste Like?

Are you interested in trying Kewpie mayo? Wondering what it tastes like first before you do? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is what you can expect from this sauce.

So, what does Kewpie mayo taste like? Kewpie Mayo is sweet, somewhat salty, and creamy in flavor. You can taste the eggy notes (due to the inclusion of several egg yolks in the recipe), and the added MSG provides hints of umami. It is considered less neutral in flavor than regular mayonnaise.

It’s actually the use of egg yolks (opposed to whole eggs), that really sets this particular Japanese condiment apart.

And here’s the thing.

It’s an immensely popular sauce back in its native Japan. And has been since it was invented in 1925.

Since then, it has become a truly global condiment, enjoyed by millions in various different ways.

But chances are you still have questions on the taste and how to use it.

So let’s get stuck into them!

What Is Kewpie Mayo Similar To?

Kewpie Mayo is similar to regular mayonnaise, but it does not taste exactly the same. For these reasons, many who cannot obtain Kewpie mayo will make their own by adding rice vinegar, and sugar, to regular mayonnaise.

This approach is a simple means of obtaining the flavor notes Kewpie mayo is enjoyed for.

It’s not exactly the same, however. And your proportions when adding both are crucial.

Aside from regular mayonnaise, there really is not a direct equivalent.

Kewpie mayo was designed to be a mayonnaise product, as the name suggests and after all.

Does Kewpie Mayo Taste Different To Regular Mayo?

Kewpie Mayo does taste different from regular mayo. It is smoother, creamier, the eggy flavor is more notable, and it is not as subtle. Salty umami notes can also be expected through the inclusion of MSG (an ingredient regular mayo does not typically contain.

Of course, there are many different brands and recipes of mayo.

So, how you define “regular mayo”, is an important nuance here.

Are we talking Hellman’s brand or a more health-conscious brand that uses slightly different ingredients (such as this one from BetterBody Foods)?

Then there are the low-fat versions, vegan-friendly versions, etc.

So it ultimately depends on what you are comparing Kewpie Mayo to, and what you classify as regular mayo.

But, if we assume regular mayo is your standard and typical grocery store brand; you should expect some variation in the ways outlined above.

What To Eat Kewpie Mayo With?

Kewpie Mayo can be enjoyed with a wide variety of foods, from a spread for sandwiches to a drizzle for salads; or as a general dipping sauce for snacks.

In fact, you can use Kewpie mayo in very similar ways to as you would regular mayo.

Here are just some ideas to try it with:

  • Sandwiches – works particularly well with tuna/chicken
  • On Toast – drizzled over toppings that include avocado or salmon. Or even plain toast!
  • In A Baked/Jacket Potato
  • With Japenese Pancakes, (mini okonomiyaki)
  • As a glaze for fish/meat skewers, such as chicken or salmon,
  • Over salads – such as on tuna Nicoise,
  • With Sushi
  • To marinade meats – like chicken, prior to cooking.
  • Dipping sauce – for chips, fries, or cut-up vegetables.

Or you can mix it in with other ingredients to make your own versions of sauces.

For instance, you can make your own homemade Caesar dressing.

Does Kewpie Taste Like Miracle Whip?

Kewpie Mayo does not taste like Miracle Whip. Kewpie has a bolder flavor and it is also creamier, sweeter, and tangier too.