What Is A Good Vegan Substitute For Mayonnaise? ⋆ 6 Of The Best ⋆

Are you a vegan looking for an alternative to mayonnaise? Perhaps you formally loved the sauce and you can no longer have it. Perhaps you just want to add some creamy flavor to your food? Well either way, here are all of the options to consider.

So, what is a good vegan substitute for mayonnaise? The best vegan substitutes for mayonnaise include guacamole, hummus, tahini, mustard, and cashew butter. You could always consider Vegenaise or a vegan-friendly mayonnaise alternative too.

So the good news is that mayonnaise is not off the menu, altogether.

That is, you can seek out, or even make it, vegan-friendly.

Not bad eh; and many say that vegan mayo is actually much nicer. It’s lighter and not overly sweet like regular mayo, at least.

But let’s be honest; you may want something a little healthier. Or, you may want something different altogether.

I get that.

So let us walk through each of the other options below so you know which one to go for.

Vegenaise/Vegan-Friendly Mayo

Vegan-Friendly Mayo is essentially mayonnaise without eggs, instead, it is made of vegetable oils and plant proteins that enable the emulsion and thick creamy consistency.

Vegenaise is a brand, made by Follow Your Heart.

It’s one of the best out there, although there are a number of other good brands out there including Hellmans, Heinz, Kraft, Chosen Foods, Plant Perfect, and many more.

Better yet, you can even find those made from more healthy oils, such as Avocado oils, in the case of the Sir Kensington brand from Amazon.

If you like mayonnaise and are really missing it, vegan mayo is without doubt the best alternative.

It was designed and created to replicate the creamy, delightful consistency of its mayonnaise counterpart, after all.


Next up with have Guacamole. Of course, we do. Who doesn’t love guacamole!

Guacamole is not only entirely deliciously creamy, but it also has a plethora of healthy fats (as it is made almost exclusively from avocado).

It provides a lot of flavor and has a really nice texture too.

Depending on your preferences, you can either buy Guac or make it yourself from home.

It’s easy to make, you essentially just mash a ripe avocado and add some lemon juice, salt, and perhaps a pinch of garlic powder.

And you can seek out slight alternatives too; some of which may have added spice, for instance.

Guac is ideal for sandwiches, salads, and dips. Although you can use it with pretty much anything!


Hummus, made from the humble chickpea, is another great alternative to mayo. Creamy and nutty in flavor; you cannot go far wrong.

And it’s a very healthy option too. Chickpeas are a legume with a lot going for them.

They are generally easy to digest, provide protein and a range of other vitamins and minerals, including the ever-important vitamin B6.

You can buy hummus in stores; in both regular and lower-fat varieties.

Or you can make your own at home too following a simple recipe.


Tahini is another food you’re likely to become very familiar with on the vegan diet.

Its made from ground sesame seeds and provides a lot of nutrition; calcium, iron, protein, B vitamins, and even magnesium.

As a spread, tahini is very versatile and you can use it in various different ways depending on what you intend to eat; be it a salad or a sandwich.

You can buy Tahini pre-made in a jar, or again, make some at home from scratch by following a recipe.


Not for everyone, but great for those who like to add a little heat to their food. It’s also a very low-calorie option and ideal for sandwiches.

A little goes a long way with mustard, so you will need to use it much more sparingly than the other options cited above.

And even better, research has shown that mustard has a lot of beneficial properties. From being a source of nutrients to provide antioxidant properties.

And many people are surprised to learn what you can do with mustard; it’s not just a sandwich spread.

Again this is available for purchase pre-made or you can make it pretty easily with a few easily accessible ingredients at home.

Cashew Butter

I’ve chosen cashew butter, but this could be any one of the other nut butter too, like almond butter, for instance.

Now, these are a great option – providing sweet nuttiness and the creamy consistency you may seek.

Cashew butter, in particular, has a great, rich creamy flavor.

Again you can purchase nut butter pre-made in jars, or make your own.

When buying pre-made, seek out the healthier options that use fewer ingredients and added oils. Organic options are generally best.

You can use cashew/nut butter on sandwiches, toast, or even with salads and vegetables. It actually works very nice as a dip too!


So there you have it.

Six of the best vegan substitutes for mayonnaise.

All of which are great, easy to source, or make too.

And each offer something different.

Whether you like heat, creamy flavors, thicker textures, or something that providers all three.

They’ll be something for you on that list.

So be willing to experiment and try them all.

You’d be surprised at how versatile they are all.

And with the added bonus that they are all considered healthy, so long as you seek out the right brand or follow a good recipe from home.

Failing that, there is always vegan-mayo.

While you may be trying to get away from it altogether, it’s reassuring to know it’s there if you ned it.

Or want some.

Besides, there is nothing like the original. Is there?