Starbucks Pistachio Sauce Nutrition

Are you considering ordering your Starbucks latte or Americano with Pistachio sauce? Do you want to check the nutritional information before you do? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are all of the important numbers you are going to want to know.

Starbucks Pistachio Sauce Nutrition

Total Fat0g
– Of which saturated0g
– Of which trans0g
– Of which sugar6g
Protein 0g
Based on 1 Pump Serving

Consider that this is for a 1 Pump Serving.

And there are around ~7g of sauce in 1 pump, by the way.

So if you are ordering this sauce in store, and you have a coffee in one of the following sizes, you can expect to add the following to your drink:

  • Short – 2 pumps, or 48 calories,
  • Tall – 3 pumps, or 72 calories,
  • Grande – 4 pumps, or 96 calories,
  • Venti – 5 pumps, or 120 calories.

Unless you ask for less, of course.

And just remember that these numbers are just the calories in the sauce itself.

If you’re going for a latte or any other milk-based coffee, you’ll need to add those calories too!

What Is Starbucks Pistachio Sauce Made Of?

Starbucks pistachio sauce is made of sugar, water, natural flavoring, and pistachio extract.


Starbucks Pistachio sauce tastes so good. But it is sweet, and it is primarily made of sugar.

So just be mindful of this before you order!

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How Many Calories Are In A Pump Of Pistachio Sauce From Starbucks?

There are 24 calories per pump of Starbucks Pistachio sauce.

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