Starbucks Mocha Sauce Nutrition

Are you interested in getting a Caffè Mocha at Starbucks, or interested in getting a few pumps of mocha sauce in your coffee, but want to check the nutritional information before you do?

I get it; I’m the same.

Having researched extensively for it, here is all the data you are looking for:

Starbucks Mocha Sauce Nutrition

Total Fat0.6g
– Of which saturated0.1g
– Of which trans0g
– Of which sugar4.8g
Protein 0.6g
Cholesterol 0
Based on 1 Pump

Consider that this is for 1 pump.

So do consider this.

If you are asking for a Cafe Mocha in the following sizes, you will get the following number of pumps by default:

  • Short – 2 pumps, or 53 calories,
  • Tall – 3 pumps, or 79.5 calories,
  • Grande – 3 pumps, or 106 calories,
  • Venti – 5 pumps, or 132.5 calories.

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How Many Calories Are In A Pump Of Mocha Sauce From Starbucks?

There are 26.5 calories per pump of Starbucks Mocha sauce.

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