How Many Calories In Soy Sauce? ⋆ 14 Brands Compared! ⋆

If you’re being mindful of calories, or on a diet, then you will want to be mindful of sauces. Maybe you’re just curious. But either way, this is all you’ll want to know about the nutrition of soy sauce.

So, how many calories are in soy sauce? There are typically between 5 and 25 calories per serving (1 tablespoon) of your average brand, product, or recipe of soy sauce. Although, the average tends to be around 10 calories per tablespoon.

Calories In Soy Sauce Brands

Below you can find the calories in fourteen of the most popular and some of the more authentic soy sauce brands available on the market:

Soy Sauce BrandCalories
Kikkoman Soy Sauce10
Kikkoman Less Sodium Soy Sauce10
Yamasa Soy Sauce10
Great Value Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce5
San J Tamari Organic Soy Sauce 10
Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce25
Roland Soy Sauce15
Aloha Soy Sauce0
Kingston Miami Trading JCS Soya Sauce10
Silver Swan Lauriat Soy Sauce5
Kimlan Soy Sauce14
Kishibori Shoyu Soy Sauce10
Pearl River Bridge Light Soy Sauce10
La Choy All-Purpose SOY SAUCE10
(Per 1 Tablespoon Serving)

With all the data from the products, we can run a quick formula to work out the average:

Average = Add them all together / how many there are.

144 (total calories of all the products) / 14 products = 10.2 calories.

Perhaps a bit too complicated and over the top – but you get the idea here!

Related Questions

What Is 1 Serving Of Soy Sauce

1 serving of soy sauce is generally considered to be 1 tablespoon or 15ml.

How Many Calories Are In A Tablespoon Of Soy Sauce?

There are typically between 5-10 calories per tablespoon of your average bottle of regular, or light soy sauce. Although some brands are known to have 0 calories, others can be as high as 25.

Does Soy Sauce Have A Lot Of Calories?

Soy sauce does not have a lot of calories, particularly compared to other condiments. That being said the total amount of calories per serving can range quite dramatically between brands and variations of the sauce can be higher in calories too. So check nutritional labels.

Is Soy Sauce Good For Weight Loss?

Soy sauce is generally good for weight loss from a calorie perspective. Although, the high amounts of sodium may result in increased water retention, and bloating. This can therefore give the impression that the condiment is causing weight gain.